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Our Current Production


by Monique LaForce, adapted from a play by Thomas Middleton

Directed by Catherine Aselford

Terence Aselford, Cate Brewer, Nello DeBlasio,
Dane Petersen & Angela Kay Pirko

Sunday July 12, 9:15
Tuesday July 14, 6:00
Thursday July 16, 6:15
Friday July 17, 6:30
Sunday July 19, 4:30
Saturday July 25, 8:30

Eastman Studio Theatre - Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue NE Washington, DC 20002
Metro: Noma – Gallaudet U Station

Tickets at CapitalFringe.org / 866-811-4111

This production is presented as a part of the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival,
a program of the Washington, DC non -profit Capital Fringe.
(Guillotine Theatre’s ninth Fringe Festival,
Fourth Revenge Play, and Second Middleton)

Capital Fringe Festival

Who wrote it? What was its original title?

Cold as Death features an evil tyrant, sexual betrayal, and necrophilia.

The Second Maiden’s Tragedy exists only as a handwritten manuscript. George Buc, King James’ censor, described it as “This second Maiden's Tragedy (for it hath no name inscribed)…”
Although usually attributed to Thomas Middleton, its authorship is uncertain. Monique LaForce has trimmed away the subplot, combined several characters and created a dark, action-packed drama titled Cold as Death.