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The National Theatre 182? The Haunted Theatre The National Theatre 185?


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The Cast: 
The Narrator.......Ms. Aselford
Charles............Mr. Baedecker
The Manager........Mr. King
Mortimer...........Mr. Aselford
Hodgkins...........Mr. Morogiello

The Haunted Theatre is a Washington, DC legend. I've heard it since childhood, first from my father, who worked at the National Theatre. My mother and grandparents knew the story, too. No one knows exactly when the events took place, so when adapting the story for recording, I deliberately used bits and pieces -- names of actors, the choice of the play that they are rehearsing, references to historical events -- from different parts of the 19th century. (An alternative version of the story can be found on the National Theatre's web site.) I hope that you will enjoy this piece of theatrical Washingtoniana!
- Catherine Aselford