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History of Guillotine Theatre

In July of 1986, three artist-educators joined together to create the Adams Morgan Children's Theatre. Their vision of a theatre that used adult, professional actors to perform high-quality classic theatre for children was not unique - such theatres existed in England and in other parts of the United States - but was new to the Washington area.

By the fall of 1987, the Adams Morgan Children's Theatre was playing to capacity audiences in its 18th Street home, presenting an adaptation from the work of nineteenth century American author Washington Irving, The Ghostly Bridegroom. Unfortunately, after only one more production, our landlord's lease ended, the floor we rented was returned to the building's owner and ceased being available as a performance space. In addition to playing at the Adams Morgan venue, The Ghostly Bridegroom had several tour dates, including one at the Washington International School. The principal of the lower school invited the Adams Morgan Children's Theatre to perform at the Washington International School's Olive Street campus. Thus the Adams Morgan Children's Theatre became The Georgetown Theatre Company.

In May of 1989, The Georgetown Theatre Company presented its first play for an adult audience, Venice Preserv'd. That summer, the Washington International School renovated its third floor, replacing the auditorium with more classrooms. The Georgetown Theatre Company was homeless again.

For the next four years, The Georgetown Theatre Company presented one play each spring, in venues around Washington, D.C. Hardest hit by our truncated schedule was our children's program. It is difficult to draw a family audience at Dupont Circle and La Maison Francaise. After a 1992 smash hit with Schiller's The Robbers, The Georgetown Theatre Company was in a financial position to continue presenting the kind of theater it was created to present, and touring productions for children resumed and expanded.

In 2012 The Georgetown Theatre Company was renamed Guillotine Theatre. Currently, the theatre company presents adult plays at Grace Church in Georgetown and tours it's children's productions through Young Audiences of Washington.


Production History (Full Productions Only)
  • 2018 Arden of Favorsham
  • 2017 The Nasty Women by Lisa Alapick
  • 2015 Hootenanny by Monique LaForce
  • 2015 Cold As Death by Monique LaForce
  • 2014 Isis and Vesco Investigate the Curious Death of Dr. Freud by Monique LaForce
  • 2011 King George and the Dragon
  • 2011 Belle Parricide
  • 2010 Gianni Schicchi by John Morogiello
  • 2010 Tis Pity Shes A Whore by John Ford
  • 2009 Dracula - A Family Musical by Talia Greenberg and Edward L. Hudgins
  • 2009 Jack the Ticket Ripper by John Morogiello
  • 2009 GS-14 by Jason Ford
  • 2009 The Three Musketeers by Bette Cassatt
  • 2008 The Girl in the Iron Mask by R.L. Nesvet
  • 2007 Night of the Living Theatre
    Featuring plays by Lisa Alapick, Martin Blank, D. W. Gregory & R. L. Nesvet
  • 2006 Bushwa: A Modern Ubu by John Morogiello
  • 2006 Irish Authors Held Hostage by John Morogiello
    (co-produced with J.T. Burian Productions)
  • 2000 Agamemnon by William Ramsey
  • 1999 The Escape* by William Wells Brown
  • 1998 The Changeling by Thomas Middleton
  • 1997 area premiere of Jacques and his Master by Milan Kundera
  • 1996 Il Grande Cappucini by Bob Garman*
  • 1995 Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • 1995 premiered updated adaptation of Everyman
  • 1994 The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni
  • 1994 Medea by Sophocles
  • 1993 La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler
  • 1992 Night of the Living Theatre . . . by Dead Playwrights II (I Morti Autori Italiani)
  • 1992 premiered Joe Martin's translation of The Robbers by Friedrich Schiller
  • 1990 Night of the Living Theatre . . . by Dead Playwrights I
  • 1989 Venice Preserv'd by Thomas Otway
  • 1988 The Zoo* (an operetta) by Arthur Sullivan
  • 1988 premiered The Trickster*, translation/adaptation of Moliere's L'Etourdi
  • 1987 premiered The Ghostly Bridegroom by Catherine Aselford
  • 1987 The Pie & the Tart*
  • 1986 Saint George & the Dragon*

*denotes a production for children/family audiences