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Swan Day 2010
Support Women Artists Now!

The 3rd Annual DC SWAN Day is coming
Saturday, March 27!

Click here for photos of Swan Day 2009

The Georgetown Theatre Company and Women in Film and Video
bring a Day of FREE Performances by Women Artists to Georgetown!

At Barnes & Noble:

12noon: Dishing with the Girls - an open discussion between a panel of women artists & the community

1:00-1:20 Deepttti Gupta performs BodyLogue
Deepti Gupta’s story of growing up in India, surrounded by negative messages about dark skin, weight and being a woman.

1:20-1:40 Reading by Eleanor Graves, Poet

1:40-2:00 Reading by Jennifer Atlkison, Poet

2:00 Performance by Kelly Dowling – Jane Austen

At Grace Church:

Staged Reading Marathon – Full-length, one-act and 15-minute plays by Women from around the USA – and beyond!

1:00 Penultimate Stop Café by Debbie Wiess directed by Laura Besong

1:15 Life 101 by Robin Rice Lichtig directed by Charlene V. Smith

1:30 Our Part to Change Things by Susan Goodell directed by Juliana Avery

1:45 Ambienance by Laura Pfizenmayer directed by Mary Suib

2:00 It’s All About the Mayo by Laura Pfizenmayer directed by Kelli Biggs

2:15 Murlock, USA by Shirley King directed by Emma Strauss

2:30 The Burning by Lori Fischer directed by Jennifer Sassaman

3:00 Heat Transfer by Diane Grant directed by Ali Miller

3:15 The Mortal Immortal by Rebecca Nesvet directed by Alia Faith Williams

4:00 Dry Cleaning the Soul by Tammy Ryan directed by Heather Gaither

4:15 The Owl Girl by Monica Raymond directed by Catherine Aselford

At Hickok Cole

2:00-2:10 Original Stories by Jessica Piscitelli

2:15-2:25 Original Stories by Jennifer Howe

2:40-3:00 Reading by Susan Schied, Poet

3:00-3:20 Reading by Carol Morgan

3:30-3:40 Original Stories by Jessica Piscitelli

3:45-4:00 Original Stories by Jennifer Howe

At CDIA Boston in The Foundry:

1:00pm short films by an elite selection of female film talent

At MOCA Gallery in Canal Square:

The Edgy Stuff – Performances & readings that aren’t for the under-aged

2:00-2:40 Sketch Comedy by New York's Curvy by Nature

2:40-3:00 Talia Greenberg plays her own piano compositions

3:00 Doorways Arts Ensemble: The Mating of Angela Weiss by Renee Calarco, directed by Danielle A. Drakes

4:10 Shari Lewis reads Margaret Atwood’s “The Wicked Stepmother”

4:15 A segment from That Takes Ovaries by Bobbi Ausubel and Rivka Solomon, directed by Marie Sproul

7:00-8:30 Belle Parricide, a collaborative theatre piece about the Cenci crimes, [incest and murder – based on a True Crime…of Renaissance Italy] followed by a discussion w/ Playback Theatre’s Kimberley Rattley

“I’m from the suburbs. How do I find these places?”

Here are the addresses:

Barnes & Noble, 3040 M Street, NW - corner of M & Thomas Jefferson Streets, NW

CDIA Boston in The Foundry, 1055 Thomas Jefferson St., NW

Grace Church,1041 Wisconsin Ave., NW

MOCA Gallery in Canal Square, 1054 31st St, NW
[or enter Canal Square from M St.]

Click here for a map

All walking distance from each other!

For more information about SWAN Day events happening around the world, please
visit www.SwanDay.org. For more information about this SWAN Day event in Georgetown,
please contact us via the web using our contact page or call us at 703-271-7770