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Swan Day 2011
Support Women Artists Now!

The 4TH Annual DC SWAN Day is coming
Saturday, March 26!

Click here for photos of Swan Day 2008
Click here for photos of Swan Day 2009
Click here for photos of Swan Day 2010

The Georgetown Theatre Company and Women in Film and Video
bring a Day of FREE Performances by Women Artists to Georgetown!

At Barnes & Noble:

12noon: Dishing with the Girls
an open discussion between a panel of women artists & the community

Followed by:

Saved by a Hair by Prairie Griffith

Keep Your Food in the Fridge by Jennifer Luu

a scene from the play A to Z by Monica Raymond

At Grace Church:

Staged Reading Marathon – Full-length, one-act and 15-minute plays by Women from around the USA – and beyond!

Happy and Gay by Mary Steelsmith; directed by Carol McCaffrey

Night Lite by Mary Gannon;directed by Mary Suib

Odd Jobs by Jen Marvel; directed by Elizabeth Pringle

Doing Lunch by AnneFlanagan; directed by Krista Cowan

Blink by Janice Kennedy; directed by Catherine Aselford

The Body Washer by Rosemary Frisno Toohey; directed by Catherine Aselford
     [Featuring Charlene V. Smith, Donise Stevens, Anastasia Wilson]

How to Make a Shiva Call by Stephanie Swirsky;directed by Laura Giannarelli

The Wine Cellar by Barbara Bellman; directed by Oliver Hinson

Lucy Dreaming by Stacey Lane; directed by Krista Cowan

Precipice by Claudia Barnett; directed by Emily Jablonski

Renege by Sara Ilyse Jacobson; directed by Catherine Johnson

The Amaranthine Thread by Rosebud Ben-Oni; directed by Catherine Aselford

Tiger Lilies by Victoria Z. Daly; directed by Jessica Aimione

People Like Us by Chris Shaw Swanson; directed by Toni Rae Brotons
     [Featuring Tori Miller, Rachel Lee Poole, and Karen Lange]

Woman with a Bat by Heather Meyer; directed by Charlene V. Smith
     [Featuring Melissa Robinson, Lisa Hill-Corley, Katie Culligan]

A Chance Encounter by Anne M. Hartung; directed by Monique LaForce

At CDIA Boston in The Foundry:

1:00pm 2011 Women in Film and Television International Short Film Showcase

At Puro Cafe:

1:00pm Storytelling, Music and Poetry

The Ring and Mouse in the House by Jennifer Moore (storyteller)

Eva Moolchan, Guitar

Clambake on Bald Mountain by Rose Elizabeth Supan (writer & performer)

Poems by Elizabeth Olson; read by Vicki Price

Irish Music by Tina Eck and Orion Wiess

Pushing Boundaries: an eyewitness moment in 1970's history by Ellouise Schoettler (storyteller)

Music by Sheena Alexis

Poems by Susan Schied

Irish Music by Tina Eck and Orion Wiess

Catwoman by Bernadette Nason (storyteller)

At Baked and Wired

INSTINCTUAL an ONGOING exhibition by local women artists

INSTINCTUAL features the artworks of Temme Barkin-Leeds, Katherine Sable and Marian Johnson, and is curated by Megan Mueller.

[INSTINCTUAL began March 16, and continues until March 29]

There will be a special SWAN Day reception at 6:00pm on Friday March 25.

We would like to thank our Kickstarter supporters:

Lisa Alapick, Francesca Mantani Arkus, Laura Giannarelli, Micheline Heal,
Frank O'Donnell, Jeremy Reppy, Martha Richards, Gretchen Schermerhorn,
Rose Elizabeth Supan, Lisa Voss, and WomenArts

and our corporate supporters: Giant Foods and History4All

Click here for a downloadable program (.pdf)

“I’m from the suburbs. How do I find these places?”

Here are the addresses:

Baked and Wired, 1052 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW

Barnes & Noble, 3040 M Street, NW - corner of M & Thomas Jefferson Streets, NW

CDIA Boston in The Foundry, 1055 Thomas Jefferson St., NW

Grace Church,1041 Wisconsin Ave., NW

Puro Cafe, 1529 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Click here for a map

All are within easy walking distance from each other!

For more information about SWAN Day events happening around the world, please
visit www.SwanDay.org. For more information about this SWAN Day event in Georgetown,
please contact us via the web using our contact page or call us at 703-271-7770